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Welcome to GCFN Networks

GCFN Networks (GCFN.NET) is a private Internet service located in central Ohio. It provides an programming and Internet service delivery platform for advanced system administrators in a trusted, highly customizable and functional environment.


GCFN.NET is a platform to build applications that meet your specific needs. It is designed for tinkerers that want to build it themselves, not because they have to, but because they can. A full range of development options, including C, C++, Java, PERL, and PHP are available on UNIX-based platforms.

While it is not designed or intended to be an enterprise-grade production service, our administration team is experienced in production system engineering, and has brought that expertise to bear in how the system is engineered, administered, and treated by its operators.


One of the unique characteristics of GCFN.NET is the level of trust between our members and our administration staff. Everyone with access to the system is implicitly trusted both at a personal and professional level by the system operators.


GCFN.NET is dedicated to addressing social, political, and cultural problems by building community, developing concensus, and thus bridging the gap between challenges and their solutions.

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